Legendary Empire Support Page

IN-GAME HELP - When running the game on your device, check for the small (i) sign in the bottom right hand corner. Press it to enter the help system (use the hyperlinks or browse through page by page using the buttons << and >>).

EMAIL - For any question related to Legendary Empire, please contact support@flyingmobilette.com

FORUM - Support and Discussion Forum
  • This post (by me) provides a high level description of the game. It may help decide if this is your kind of game. 

TUTORIALS - Youtube Video Tutorials:

REVIEWS and other mentions on the Web
  • touchmyapps.com - "...Legendary Empire has all the makings of a strong strategy game..."
  • iphonechico.com - "...I recommend this game to anyone who likes strategy games..."
  • torquepowered - list of games developed using the Torque game engine