Build an Empire in your iPhone

Legendary Empire is a turn-based strategy game for iPhone and iPod Touch that will bring you in a fantasy world where your heroes will lead armies of mighty creatures in battle.

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Reviews - "...Legendary Empire has all the makings of a strong strategy game..." - "...I recommend this game to anyone who likes strategy games..."

  • Hire heroes and assemble armies drawing from more than 100 different units.

  • Fight turn based battles against the Artificial Intelligence, in tactical battle maps.

  • Expand your kingdom on a strategic world map.


  • Lead your armies to victory and conquer the kingdom of your AI opponents.

  • Strengthen your kingdom economy by buying and upgrading towns, mines and special buildings.

  • Build a strong economy to upgrade units and heroes, heal or revive units, or hire more heroes.


  • Have your heroes gain experience in battle and become able to handle bigger and stronger armies.

  • Play at your own pace - for hours or for a few minutes at a time - your game session is saved every turn.

  • Handle diverse armies, with units of various size, strength and speed, ranged or melee, as well as various special habilities.


  • Use units of 4 opposed elements to give you an edge in battle.

  • Send your heroes on quest battles to increase their experience and increase your kingdom's wealth.

  • Build up your units experience level in battle and upgrade their homes to transform them into higher tiers units.

  • Access help screens explaining all in-game screens.


Latest News

January 25, 2010

The game 1.1 update is now in the app store. Our goal was to improve the accessibility, with features such as the counselor report, and combat difficulty display.

July 19, 2010

The game was accepted by Apple in the app store.

June 12, 2010

First beta release. The game development phase is complete...

March 19, 2010

First presentation of the game features - visit us again to get updates.

The game Legendary Empire is still under development.

Expected release date is in Summer 2010.